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When was the last time you heard someone talk about joy or share just how amazing their lives are right now? Exactly. Joy and happiness seem to be one of the most elusive aspects of our lives and feels like a taboo topic pretty much on par with religion and politics in our conversations. The surprising paradox is that if you ask most people what they want out of life, the majority will answer "to be happy." If this is what most of us are aiming for, then it makes sense to put a little time and attention into how to consistently experience this in our lives.

In the articles from this past Weekly Wellness we shared real, tangible ways to create more joy in your life, explored how to uncover the good stuff that's already there, and how to sustain your joy and choose happiness even when your life takes unexpected turns. All the articles looked into joy from all sides (and spread joy just by being funny in the case of Fearless Summer) and even explained how to set up the conditions for your happiness (tip: the trick is not to have any). Our favorite article looked into how to get out of your own way and actually re-wire the synapses in your brain to shift your natural inclination towards joy. #mindblown! Check out that article here:

What emerged from each article is that joy is always available. Rather than assuming we will be happy when... [insert your desired circumstances here], how revolutionary would it be to decide we will be happy right now. Once we understand that we have a choice in how we respond to the situations presented to us and take responsibility for our own happiness, then we'll truly be living lives that we love.

And while all of these insights can help shift your mindset, one of the most important things we can do to achieve happiness is to keep up with a consistent meditation or silent practice. It is this daily activity that reminds us to live in the present, enjoy the "now" and also constructs the emotional resiliency to keep a delightful perspective even when things go awry.

We challenge you this week to either create, discover or sustain your joy in a deliberate way and experience what joyful living feels like for yourself!