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There have been times in my life when no matter how much effort, time or resources I threw at a specific objective, I didn't seem to gain any traction. Whether you're seeking employment, hoping for a change in a significant relationship, or just pursuing peace of mind, sometimes it feels like the universe is playing hide 'n seek with your vision and desires. Eventually, I would literally or figuratively throw my hands up toward the sky -- the universal sign of surrender -- and shout "I give up! I can't do this anymore! If anyone up there is listening,I need some help!" Shortly thereafter, it seemed a window of opportunity would open -- a phone call from a recruiter whose client found my resume online and wanted to interview me for a new position, a call from an employer I had previously interviewed with who regretted not hiring me the first time around, or a promotion in my existing job that I didn't see coming.

I always received more than I asked for, just not in the way that I expected and certainly not by my own feverish attempts to make them happen.

There is something to be said about going with the flow. Though a good swimmer, I always swam like I usually drive through traffic -- like I was racing to the finish line! One day while in the pool, something inside just said "Slow down. Let the water hold you and move you. Stop fighting against it, and let it carry you!" I have learned that in life, just like swimming, sometimes you have to stop and just let go. Meditation and prayer help me to stop. To listen. I can look outside myself and see how I've allowed activity to substitute for productivity. I begin to discern what is truly essential as opposed to desirable. I'm able to see how much time and energy I've wasted, and how I can better use them to accomplish my goals and objectives. I discern what I am truly passionate about -- what feeds my soul -- and I push the spiritual, mental and emotional re-set button so that I can live more purposefully in my uniqueness. The only measure becomes the level of peace and calm that I experience each day, so that if anything or anyone begins to disturb that peace, I can go back and hit the re-set button!
When things don't seem to be working out in your life - stop, surrender, survey what you've been doing and how you feel, and re-set your perspective. Learn to flow in who you are and what you have been given to make every day a day of expectation.

Karen Powers is a certified Life Coach. Reach out to her at to create a career with purpose!