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The word success can be a bit tricky. The definition is so relative since we all have different personal goals and aspirations. Sometimes we can unintentionally measure our progress against a ruler that consists of social media, familial expectations, personal ambition and an imaginary timeline of when we are supposed to "arrive." Because we also feel many of the same pressures, we won't simplistically tell you not to think about those things. Instead, consider a quarter-turn on your perspective...

At the end of July, we uncovered the surprising and unconventional habits of successful people (and it's not the ones you think), the secret advantage of grit, and how hard times can transform you into a badass professional! We've also found some wise words on how to stop comparing yourself to others and the reward of running your own race. As always, success can never truly be considered a "win" unless we stop long enough to enjoy where we are and create real space, in our meditation and stillness, to be able to fully experience that success.

One of the greatest benefits in taking that time for ourselves, is in finding the renewed energy to jump back into our goals and workstreams with joy and a clear, uncluttered mind. When we work from this place in our personal and professional lives and stay truly present in our day-to-day, we start to experience the incredible fun and power found in living our lives like a boss. Check out this article from the Weekly Wellness to find out exactly what that means for you and how to start applying some of those successful tips!