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"Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them."

At some point, most of us want to see a change in our life and/or circumstances, but if I told you any and all change would require you to become different, how many of us would sign-up for this unknown? For many of us, we're only willing to take on this risk when we become truly fed-up, sick and tired, or #DONE. The goal of this post is to get us to the point of willingness to change without having to reach rock bottom first.

The best way to achieve long lasting results in our life is by changing our mindset. Jas and I often discuss how meditation can assist and/or fix any difficult situation in life, and while we stand by this, there is another hitch to this cart to make it work. What meditation won't do is alleviate all of our problems quickly, especially if we don't have a true intention to change.

In the article Avoid Change At All Costs, this insight really struck me:

"The good news is that every single human being on the planet has the potential to evolve... The bad news is that it’s scary as shit to really change. And painful. So most of us, including me, tend to avoid the kind of change that truly liberates. It doesn’t help that our brains are designed to give us warning/danger signals when we encounter something new and unfamiliar."

So why do our brains resist change so much? We’ve found that this thinking all starts with a few key false assumptions. Whether we're trying to change behavior, mood, thought processes or even our personality traits, these are typical false assumptions that may be holding us back:

  • I need to know and understand every step of the process before I begin to make a change.
  • I'll start tomorrow. I'll feel more like it then.
  • I'm too old or it's too late to change.
  • This is just the way I am.

Having to overcome and re-train our ingrained brain function seems to be asking a lot. It makes sense then that we have to want something desperately to be willing to put in this work. Ultimately though, it's worth it! Be desperate now about changing your life for the better. For each of us this will mean something different, but all of us have an opportunity to retrain ourselves and live up to our full potential.

Bringing this back to meditation, it's clear how much of a difference this practice can make in our life when we are truly ready and willing to change. Before starting an awareness-based practice, ask yourself, "Am I ready and willing to change to live my best life?" If the answer is "No," you're not alone and your honesty about where you are is the first step to awareness. If your answer is "Yes," we're here to help and let us know what we can do to assist!
At minimum, a meditation practice enables us to better cope with whatever life throws our way. At its best, the practice enlightens us to the point where whatever life does throw our way it is perceived as useful and we can move through the difficulty or transition with a bit more grace. Being able to see each moment in our life as an opportunity for change, growth, or even just having an ease with our process makes our experience that much richer, and ultimately, more rewarding.