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The internet is inundated with ideas on self-love, self-care and self-help but what seems to be missing is an explanation for why these things are needed in the first place. Yes, we could all use time for relaxation and self-care, but self-love stresses the need to care for how we feel about ourselves without posing the deeper question of how we see ourselves. Since self-love and self-awareness are so invariably linked, it makes sense that having the clearest picture of ourselves would be the start of navigating the rest.

Don't get us wrong, self-love is important and is usually the step where most people start. Once you have it, you feel more empowered to move forward and create a life that you love to live. Self-love teaches us to stop tying our mistakes and outward circumstances to our self-esteem. It helps create a deep, immovable belief that even though you are still growing, you are - right now, in this moment - enough.
To that end, it’s easier to feel good about ourselves and see ourselves in a softer light when we are actually doing better. It’s self-awareness, not self-love, that gives us the ability to see ourselves clearly and make wiser decisions. This allows us to actually do better and accomplish more of what we want. Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires, and it is this that helps us recognize when to explore deeper into what makes us tick and highlights for us how to grow from there.
We know of no better way to create self-awareness than by having a consistent meditation practice. Among other things, it allows us to see ourselves from a healthy, non-judgmental place. It also helps us develop a fierce compassion for our shortcomings and simultaneously sets-up a graceful way to approach our growth. We can continue massaging our surface problems with self-love tips, or we can actually go about fixing the deeper, internal issue of better decision making with self-awareness.

Uncover who you really are so you can start giving yourself what you truly need.