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MY SOUL IS FREE: A reminder of how change starts and ends with you

By, Jacqueline Brown Sylvester

We’ve been taught from infancy the importance of sharing. But quite honestly, some things are meant to be shared and some are ours alone. Not alone, as in don’t ask opinion, fact check or gather information. Alone as in, YOU are solely responsible for initiating and executing. We are by design heavily reliant on relationships. It is beautiful to have a loving friendship, a dynamic team, or great marriage. Relationships allow the emotional human system to stay on its axis. The challenge is experiencing my life within the confinement of the many relationships.

Why change: There may be occasions where two people decide that they will embark on a journey or goal together, however I assure you that one person in the duo can succeed even if the other fails. Why is this important? Because, we evolve at different times and for different reasons. A health and fitness goal may be inspired by a difficult prognosis. A decision to go back to school may be inspired by difficulty paying the rent. Whatever the experience, our decision to correct or ignore is purely personal. Why can’t we change? If you are unhealthy, join the gym. If you are a smoker, stop smoking. If you are uneducated, get an education. If only it were that easy. Change, real change happens because simply spoken – we are open to experience the fullness of life.

The discovery: Growth happens when the soul is free. Something deep inside of me craves a new perspective or experience. God has instilled in me from the very infancy state of my existence EVERYTHING I need to be all that he designed me to be. I have to go at this alone because he created me as one unique individual made in his image. My mind, body and soul must chase all that was intended for me, knowing that there are things that only I will understand. I am capable, strong and free. Free to decide what is good for me. Free to owe no one an explanation. Once I understand my freedom, I become the guardian of my own free will operating it with the precision of a master drill sergeant. From there everything is clearer, easier. The expectation on other are minimal. I now understand the richness and blessings available from none other than Him, God, the creator.

Jacqueline Brown Sylvester

Manager Technology and Solutions Manager,

Eastman Chemical Company 30 years

YMCA Fitness Instruction

Mother of three adult sons

Wife of 35 years