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"I pray this winter be gentle and kind, a season of rest from the wheel of the mind. "

-John Geddes

It’s that time of year when your Black Zen team prepares for its annual winter break. This is when we re-center, re-charge and practice personal wellness just as we encourage you to do and regularly! Don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you hangin. Below we’ve provided a wealth of useful tips and helpful life hacks to dig into while we’re away. There were so many lessons learned this year from the Weekly Wellness archives that we decided to pick out a few of our favorites. These will hold you down and keep you motivated to finish the year strong.

One of the most important things we've explored this year is how every choice we make is a seed we plant toward our future. And as with all undertakings, not everything will grow right away. However, if given good soil to work with (our mindset and a helpful environment), plenty of sun (keeping a positive attitude) and lots of water (nourishment from a consistent meditation practice), then we've properly set ourselves up for an abundant season.
For some, those seeds are in pursuit of new relationships, career shifts, or just working on a positive outlook about life. For us, it's maintaining the great growth we’ve had this year and finding more ways to take care of ourselves amidst hectic schedules and mounting responsibilities. Either way, the key to ensuring all growth is taking radical responsibility over outcomes and making sure we course correct when needed.

So how do we know which adjustments are required to see the most promising results? Four words… think 3 steps ahead! For a quick reminder on how to do that, read Checkers vs. Chess to freshen-up those skills. This Weekly Wellness will get you thinking 10-times bigger and help you coordinate the best moves towards any goal. Most importantly, it will help you make plans for where you want to be, rather than just dealing with where you are.

Another important topic we've discussed this year is the importance of having patience with our progress and how to avoid becoming completely frustrated when we don't see immediate results.This one is the personal thorn in my side, and its taken years of developing a meditation practice to finally get more comfortable with timelines I don’t control (which is most, if not all of them!).

Through the month of December, we encourage you to work your way through these wellness links. Each piece selected is designed to keep you moving forward and to help you maintain enthusiasm and perspective as you progress. Be sure to check out the next post (December 31st!) for the rest of our chosen favorites.

Have a wonderful holiday,